The Universe is aware and shows only a consciousness evolution, from its origin to its end, which is a return to his cause.

It is the aim of « Initiation » science to teach the path to this ultimate fusion. It’s in the ancient Luxor Temple where the elders bequeathed this teaching to posterity. We offer the opportunity to find out.

We got used to reduce everything in time and space, as the rational habit wants. For example, saying « a man walking », we design a man walking in a way that is limited: it is only the action of moving, of walking we imagine. We can place it in the past, present, future and all shades of these times; we situate this movement in time and space.

On the contrary if we see an image of a man walking – or just lines depicting a man – we imagine more, we situate the most: it is there, it is the function that interests us, and quality of this function.

We can then paint this man in green; it will not only function to walk with legs that will be discussed: this movement will mean vegetation and growth.

Or walk and grow are two different functions for our reasoning, but in reality there is an abstract link between walking and grow: the movement regardless the time and way.

If we want to define this movement, we will reduce to the immediate time and space, while the feeling of movement, whether running or growing, no longer needs to be defined: the image – the symbol – acts as a definition, and we can actually experience this state, unite us with him without reasoning, as would any child do looking images.