The VI room is located at the mouth: the creative word (LOGOS), according to tradition. We found the representation of the great Ennead. Alexander the Great has significantly changed this room. He removed the Amenhotep III four columns that supported the roof, and built the sandstone Naos (shrine) that bears his name, leaving visible the bases of ancient columns. The VI room is here for us the main altar of the church, placed in the axis the nave.

In Luxor, they are the east-west walls of the temple and covered peristyle court which are controlled by the Amon axis. The axis of Measures is drawn under the limestone paving the VI room (sanctuary) of the Amon barque, on the sandstone platform. The Amon axis is marked on the ground, under the limestone paving of the VI room. It is located exactly in the pharynx, place of food and air admission that sustain, and location of voice amplification and creative words (LOGOS). The functions of this room are many.


The barque goes, as is the symbolism, from East to West and the Naos (shrine) opens on the north side. Alexander the Great began to reveal what had been hidden in the time of Amenhotep III, marking the end of the Egyptian mission during the time of the Ptolemaic dynasty. There is a turnaround, a reversal in the spiritual state, the primary and original function. The Amon axis is the hidden axis of the temple. He directs the construction of the room of the Amon barque, as well as the Alexander Naos (shrine). The Amon axe is hidden because it has no actual architectural significance. It summarizes the guiding vital principles of the temple.


Hermetic and esoteric Egyptian


Not a moment a part of the living body should not remain fixed (as required because our reason) without causing disease or death. This is also why the axes, which nevertheless seem to be only ideal and rigid lines, are designed in the sense of celestial influences. Amon controls the number seven, number of nature, « components » of the phenomena of our world. Amon name is aerial water carrying within the principle of stability.

The upper airways due to their constitution (fat and muscle mainly) can change their « geometry » during breathing. This geometry is completely specified in the geometry of the Alexander the Great Naos.


The Initiatic Operative

The spatial geometry is produced by different spiritual works that act on the whole body, including the mouth and breathing during sleep, period which the higher consciousness feeds. Here we are in the coagulation of some mysterious « water ». So what is this « perfume » coming from the divine secretion?


An uptake is also here in the Amon barque. It is secretly indicated in the spacing of the arms which serves as a measure, but also as a « Theurgy »! At this stage body position toward the stars or planets is very important. This is why the VI room has its reversed reflection around the temple of Luxor and the axis of Amon axis is heading straight toward a pylon at the North entrance of the temple (the feet)!

This fire is an abstract soul that changes to form the precious ointment. This substance, which began to form, in a gradual manner, in the rooms V, I, VII and XII, arrives at its maturity in room VI. We are here in the internal pathways of Alchemy. It’s impossible at this stage to go further in the Revelation.