We enter the Holy of Holies through Room XII.

The pituitary gland (hypophysis) is located at the entrance of Room I. The secret central sanctuary: according to the Egyptian and analogical vision, the head, the encephalon (i.e. the brain inside the skull) is considered as a foetus in gestation. It is immersed in the cerebrospinal fluid.

The gate of Room I, Amon and the pituitary gland (hypophysis), describes the ternary function, which is a principle expressed by the hexagon. The pituitary gland (hypophysis) needs the visual centres, it is therefore exoteric, contrary to the pineal gland (epiphysis). The distance comprised between the outer face of the Southern wall of the covered temple and the Northern face of the gate to Sanctuary I, is contained seven and a half times (the traditional seven planets) within the total length of the covered temple, and this matches the proportion of a human head in relation to the height of an adult man.

In this Room I, a transformation is processed between the blood and the cerebrospinal fluid. The Egyptians here indicate the production of a red Ferment of the blood, via a mixing of the blood with the cerebrospinal fluid coming from the spinal cord. The wall separating Room I and Room VII represents the « choroid web ». The choroid plexuses form structures, membranes, ventricules of the brain, where the cerebrospinal fluid is secreted.

It connects us with the axis of Amon, called the occult axis of the temple, which consequently exerts a hidden action. There is here a relationship between the pituitary gland (hypophysis) and a point located at the knee; the knee being astrologically connected to the planet Saturn in our tradition.

In this Room located along the Western wall, the five Kings (with the little spot on the belly), are seen in « transparence » compared with Sanctuary VII (the pineal – epiphysis gland). The five Kings of Room I, by their slightly different measurements, are mathematically related to the main phases of human growth.

Egyptian and Hermetic Esotericism.

Inside Room I, there was a Gold statue of Amon with a ram’s head; the Ram being positioned at the location of the head in our astrological system. We are now close to the top of the skull. Here is the « vertex », which supports the crowns, as well as the symbols perched on top of the heads of the Neter and Kings. Its name « wpt » in Egyptian, being used in order to say « to open », « to discern », « to judge », is written with bovine horns (oxen’s horns, which is a lunar symbol).

The royal Diadem features on the forehead the raised Uraeus (i.e. the Serpent), whose body is snaking from front to back, thereby dividing the skull lengthways, similarly to the scythe of the brain. The separating nature of the Serpent is clearly indicated. It represents the duality of the two hemispheres of the brain, enabling critical judgment and cerebral awareness.

The brain’s being shaped like a scythe, is identical with the symbol of Saturn which we find also in our Alchemical and Astrological tradition, the cross being the symbolism of the separation and crossing of various notions, as part of the cleverness of the brain.

Initiatic Operativity

All of the nuances expressed here through the temple, impart a kind of vibration imperceptible to the naked eye, which obviously endures it upon being penetrated by it. Saturn, its name « djehouty » in Egyptian is very close to « djehty », i.e. lead, Saturn’s metal. We must arrive at « Ôter », the scythe of the brain which prevents us from reaching the « intelligence of the heart »: transforming the Saturnian « Os » which is made out of lead, into Gold!

The operative passages through the other Rooms have prepared us for this. We must above all, in order to do it, strive to « Merge » ourselves with the thing, with its way of living, of growing, to act and to sense what it is, and not what we would be if we were to be it.

So, in order to go from esoteric Science which is based upon Faith, to high esoteric Science, one has to know: that first one needs to fix, and to stop the infinite activity through a feminine form (symbolised by the liquid which fills the brain), that one then needs to annihilate that form, to make it die as a form, so that it merges as a Consciousness with the Whole and gets born anew, as Immortal since what used to be just a form, now knows herself to be a « Universe within the Universe ».