In our era we had destroyed in a short time thousands years of consciousness evolution! There are only a handful of irreducible persons properly trained and initiated (first by their choice and the location of their incarnation and then by their willingness to always seek the truth) who have the capacity to revive the light. Darkness try in a final burst to win the chess game.

This is besides without taking notice of the old souls sacrifice by agreeing to reincarnate in the heavy material world, and relive, almost to zero, all the necessary steps to recover their memories and thus be infused with the Spirit of transcendent power. And little matter the price!

Be, do not be, and then be, is the pulse that makes the Consciousness, the apparent universe. Power-Idea, Shape-Purpose, and Power formless, are the vital alternation Cosmic pulsation – the unchanging rhythm in the succession of steps (law of incarnation), Act of Genesis.

The organs that assimilate through the air, liquid and solid, and the organs who informs the intellect and the senses are the sons of the same kind of energy than the things they assimilate or experience. The indisputable reality of the apparent mystery that makes the invisible visible, the imponderable ponderable, is the word of wisdom. The invariable Act of Genesis is the basis of traditional philosophy. All research without these guides led to the impasse or nothingness!

The man who was designed by the Creator is the Universe. On his body, his senses, its organs, its assimilative functions, its nervous vital centers, (physical and occult) you can found all the knowledge.

The Luxor Temple was built in and through this knowledge, to guide the West, lost and sick in his body and his analytical brain which wants to divide and slice and separate all things.