I realize that this website will amaze and shock the reader, both for the ideas it expresses and by the way it expresses it. So, I have to give you few explanations.

The ideas and applications could surprise a modern Western reader. Yet, they are not new and bold in any way, since they come from Schwaller and Isha de Lubicz, all those involved in their work and many other sources. These ideas take their origins in the traditional Metaphysics, this ancient heritage of wisdom belonging to humanity for millennia, gradually forgotten and, nowadays, ignored by men, especially in the West. I might say that, if there is any « Truth » in the following pages, this « Truth », insofar as I was able to express it, is not personal.

It would be foolish of me to think that I discovered anything. It was more for me to find out, with the best of my capacities, the traditional « Truth » that is our common heritage. I am totally aware of the reproaches my work could deserve. The various works of initiation are like surveys in different directions within a huge world. Due to the loyalty of my effort, I ask your indulgence if you want to enjoy benefit from this work. Approach it with an open mind and don’t stop on the countless discussions which may arise at almost every line.

I decided to publish this work after many doubts about its usefulness. I do it because I hope it will bring, in this era where so many men are wondering about the meaning of their lives, some of the answers, guidance for their researches and inner peace, essential for existence. To visit the Temple of Luxor, as a concrete and fully lived experience, is the only way to enable an effective realization as an inside job that only oneself could do.