« Within the depths of every initiate, there lies the very same source, the very same inner practice, the very same initiation. The time has come. We have received this synthesis by way of the heart. Here are some examples. The secret is merely something which we do not see. »

Practice and theory in the temple of Luxor

Association Egypte-Luxor, 8 rue du Grand Clos Saint Marc, 14000 CAEN

Scheduled trip: : Octobre 2016 (for 10 people max).
Duration of the stay in Luxor : 1 semaine.
Contact and information : william.quenoy@gmail.com
Price : 1200 euros.

« This is indeed the world in which real spiritual events take place, but whose reality is not that of the physical world, nor that recorded in the chronicles, and with which history is made, since there, the very event transcends all historical materialisation. ». Henry Corbin

« Pharaonic Egypt is essentially positive. It addresses Nature, and acts with natural means, in which it sees the symbols of spiritual states that are only knowable through intuition. » Schwaller de Lubicz

« The collective and the material have to be in the image of the spiritual and the individual. Those who strive to create within themselves a concentration point, a spiritual centre around which gravitates their entire mental life, must also want to achieve a similar centre down here on earth. » Dr Francis Lefébure

« What is, then, the Universe of which Noguchi speaks? It is, in a sense, for want of a better designation, the Universe of sensation. » Itsuo Tsuda

« An Egyptian input, represented by everything Pythagoras himself borrowed from Egyptian thought, the reading of Herodotus, Plato and Plutarch does not leave any doubt on the importance of these Egyptian elements which we can precise thusly: nearly sacred status attributed to geometry, and then to the perfection of form, importance given to the secret (esotericism), magical value given to the Word (therefore sometimes to words), magical value given to the sign, and then to the symbol, magical value given to the ritual and to the rhythm. » Matila C. Ghyka

« In order to cure neurosis, there is no need for any analysis descending into the depths (the lower reaches) of the unconscious, in order to retrieve alleged « reminiscences », nor for any interpretation seeing modifications or masks of the instinct into our thoughts, our dreams and our actions. In order to cure a neurosis, one needs a true « metanoia » (a conversion), an inner revolution which replaces pride with humility, and egocentricity with abandon. » Jean-Gaston Bardet

« The sages who knew the secrets of Nature, must have taught them through tangible symbols, so as to force the researcher to find, by analogy, the vital relationships which connect all manifestations of the Being; it is the most direct method to discover the vital logic governing our Universe. » Isha de Lubicz

« Therefore you can know, through the sense of touch, the substance of the four elements by way of your entire body. And therefore you can know through the senses of sight, hearing, smell, and taste, the qualities of the movements of the four elements by way of your head. Within your head resides the knowledge of the quality, and within your body resides the knowledge of the substance. » Henri Coton-Alvart